My thoughts on the USCR Sports Car Showcase at Long Beach

Due to some family issues, I wasn't able to watch any racing this weekend and only just now finished watching the race. Quick impressions: Holy hot damned what a race! An entire hour and forty minutes from green to checkers without a single yellow. As several announcers pointed out, there was an obvious reason for… »4/14/14 11:10pm4/14/14 11:10pm

The Transporter Drives: FFFFFUUUUUUUUUU!!!

I've only driven the Prius very short distances in my job as a rental car transporter, so when I had the opportunity (read: I drew the short straw) to transport one from Goldsboro to get an oil change, I took the opportunity to give it a fair shake. »12/17/13 2:05pm12/17/13 2:05pm

Did Somebody Invent A Long-Range EV Solution 20 Years Ago?

Range has been the Achilles heel of EVs ever since the first one. The problem with batteries is that they weigh a lot, take forever to charge, and aren't really efficient ways of storing energy. Everyone from the likes of the Top Gear UK crew, to Dr. Evil's alter ego, Elon Musk, to the mighty GM have tried to tackle… »11/24/13 3:37pm11/24/13 3:37pm

Its poor reputation is mostly undeserved. Its lack of power was due to the best naturally aspirated diesel V8 that malaise-era Detroit had to offer. The only power upgrade that it ever got was a slightly bored out and turbocharged version of the same engine. The whole thing was connected to a 3-speed automatic… »11/11/13 10:34pm11/11/13 10:34pm

The Secret of the Toyota Automatic Shifter Pattern

So I was driving a Corolla for work the other day and, as many a gearhead has done in the past, pondered over the enigma of the Toyota automatic shifter pattern. Toyota isn't the only car manufacturer to employ a step-type pattern or patterns like it, however their's is the most prolific. The seemingly random… »11/09/13 10:49pm11/09/13 10:49pm