A hidden disadvantage to owning an enthusiast's car

So what could possibly be a downside to owning a vehicle that's cheap, incredibly easy to maintain, and is loved by a massive group of enthusiasts all over the world? It's damned near impossible to find parts for it at a junk yard. It's almost easier to keep a Miata on the road than it is to junk it and there are just… » 12/16/14 7:58pm Tuesday 7:58pm

There have been a handful of rules violations lately.

Nothing serious, but before it gets out of hand I should probably re-iterate some of the rules. One that needs to be highlighted is the re-posting of things on the CL. Discussions that start in the CL need to stay here. The reasoning behind this rule is that certain topics can be discussed here that can't be discussed… » 12/08/14 8:15pm 12/08/14 8:15pm

boolean clutchProblemSolved = true;

So yesterday my clutch slave cylinder gave out on me. It was supposed to be cold and windy this morning and it was supposed to be raining by now. While it was brisk this morning, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. The clouds are starting to roll in, but it's far to late for them to rain on my parade of… » 12/08/14 3:11pm 12/08/14 3:11pm

A Place For Off Off Topic Discussion

So I was up late last night reading Alan Turing's paper on artificial intelligence (truly a must read and it's not very technical so even a layman can understand it) and when I checked in here at 0dark30 before going to bed I was surprised to find that everything on Oppo and in real life decided to go all cray cray. » 11/25/14 3:48pm 11/25/14 3:48pm